IQ Intelligent Haircare 10 in 1 Spray 250ml

IQ Intelligent Haircare 10 in 1 Spray 250ml


For those who don’t have the time or knowhow to cocktail multiple products for their haircare needs, the intelligent solution is IQ 10 in 1.


This potent all-in-one treatment is suitable for all hair types and offers ten proven benefits for hair that is strong, supple and super shiny.


IQ 10 in 1 is formulated with amazing Amaranth, a flower that naturally delivers phenomenal benefits for the locks, and with a sweet cocoa aroma it leaves hair looking and feeling fantastic.

As well as being excellent at detangling the locks, 10 in 1 benefits include hydrating and moisturising the hair, strengthening it from within and protecting it from the polluting effects of everyday life.