IQ Intelligent Haircare Daily Conditioner 1000ml

IQ Intelligent Haircare Daily Conditioner 1000ml


For clients who need to wash their hair each and every day without compromising the quality of the hair or stripping it of essential natural oils, the intelligent approach is IQ Daily Conditioner.


Suitable for all hair types, this moisturising conditioner is free from sulphates and parabens and has been enriched with the awesome attributes of the Amaranth flower, which is proven to strengthen the hair from the follicles to the lengths and helping to prevent hair loss.


This lightweight conditioner is a non-greasy formula containing surfactants that bind to the hair to create smooth, manageable tresses that are free from the polluting effects of everyday life.

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    • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
    • Aloe Vera
    • Wheat Protein



    Everyday Conditioner helps to strengthen and mend hair fibres, rejuvenate hair giving it more elasticity to help prevent breakages and helps to give a shiny and smooth appearance.



    Our whole product range has been enhanced with a blend of oils, proteins and extracts from the Amaranth plant. The plant itself is known as ‘the never fading flower’ and has been celebrated as far back as the Ancient Greeks for its range of healing properties.



    We have therefore used this plant to create a unique ‘3-Amaranth blend’ that can be found in all of our products*. The blend comprises of:


    Ama-Oil – The Oil

    Key Benefits:

    • Humidity defying
    • Provides discipline and control
    • Fights frizz


    Ama-Prot – The Protein

    Key Benefits:

    • Replaces lost proteins
    • Helps to detangle
    • Provides better manageability and comb ability


    Ama-Leaf – The Extract

    Key Benefits:

    • Restores hair movement
    • Improves shine and smoothness
    • Increases manageability

    *excludes Gum Pomade & Clay

    (these only contain the Amaranth Oil)



    In addition to our ‘3-Amaranth Blend’ all of our products are also sulphate and paraben free. This means that our range is safe for use on all coloured treated hair and you will find no harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours here.


    IQ Intelligent Hair – Products that think for themselves.